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Course Surveys 2013

Gernot's Comments on CATEI Survey

Free-form comments

Nice to see all the positive comments.

Main gripe was marker consistency. I thought we had improved this from last year, but apparently there are still issues. We'll put more emphasis consistency of lab demos next time round.

Gernot's Comments on LiC Survey

Many thanks to all students for taking the time to answer the course survey. 80% is a good return rate providing meaningful results.

The results mostly speak for themselves. The course seems to be in good shape, overall satsifaction was high. There wasn't really a lot of consistency in the negatives and improvement suggestions. This also indicates that there isn't any real problem.

The main gripe was (unsurprisingly) the botched-up exam release, for which I take full responsibility. I was travelling at the time and thought I had built sufficient redundancy to make the system fault-tolerant, but I failed. Apologies again.

On the other hand, this was, I believe, the best average exam performance ever, everybody got some of the major defects of the presented papers. Well done, class!

Not much to say about the surveys otherwise, except to thank everyone for their constructive feedback. And we'll make it clear to guest lecturers that breaks are needed!

Thanks for the feedback, and your participation in the course!


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