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Informal Student Feedback 2000

The following is a verbatim transcript of anonymous feedback from studens enrolled in COMP9242 in Session 2 of 2000. The survey was held during the Week 13 lecture. There is a total of 8 replies (of 15 students enrolled). Student input is in red, my comments are in blue. Every top-level bullet point represents one student's comment (according to the handwriting).
  • The project is intense and fun. But the fun part is not all the time.
  • Not bad. Not bad alt all.
  • Great stuff! I particularly enjoyed the concept of 1 big project instead of several small assignemnts. Lectures were excellent too.
  • Tons of work, tons of fun, tons of really cool things I never knew before. Project is definitively cool.
  • Hard but well worth it.
  • Learnt a lot.
  • I would recommend this subject to anyone with a passion for system level understanding. From this subject you can expect to appreciate the complexity of operating systems not only in implementation but also in their design.
  • For future years' projects, perhaps one idea would be to get the students to build on a previours year's project -- if that one was really good, of course.
    I am already doing something along these lines. I had offered that students could do an alternative project, where they would contribute to an existing system. Not a student system, but our own Mungi system. Several students have taken that option.
    Still I require everybody to do the first few milestones, so they get experience with all the low-level stuff.
End of verbatim transcript. If you have more comments to make, please do.

Final word

It is always great fun teaching this course, with all students being highly motivated and eager to learn. Many thanks for participating, and also thanks for your feedback.
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