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Informal Student Feedback 1997

The following is a verbatim (except for slightly fixing up some non-English) transcript of feedback from studens enrolled in COMP9242 in Session 2 of 1997. There is a total of 26 replies (of 40 students enrolled).
Lecturer's comments:
  • The scarsity of L4 documentation was a known problem before. We now have an L4 User Manual which should help, and free up lecture time for other interesting stuff.
  • This is not only a subject on how to write an OS on top of L4 (although that is probably the most fun part of it). It is meant to cover other advanced issues as well.
  • This is an advanced subject, and I intentionally did not give to specific instructions on how to implement the milestones. The idea is that students should find out by themselves (e.g. study the literature) how to solve things. I was always happy to answer questions. Students learn much more that way.
    In the future we will require a minimum of 65 in OS to qualify for this subject to make sure that all students can cope.
  • There is no suitable text book. I have supplied lots of literature references in the lecture notes (52 to be precise!)
  • Late posted lecture notes are almost unavoidable for a new subject. Next time will be better.
  • I am not aware of significant errors with Makefiles (or others). For some students it was high time they learned about make!
  • The DECstations are old and slow; they were an interim solution and have been replaced in the meantime.
  • Additional machines were put in, and, according to lab occupancies, that should really be sufficient. 24hr access is probably not feasible for a lab supporting only a single subject.