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 Advanced Operating Systems 
 COMP9242 2018/S2 

Informal Student Feedback 1998

The following is a verbatim (except for slightly fixing up some non-English) transcript of feedback from studens enrolled in COMP9242 in Session 2 of 1998. There is a total of 15 replies (of 42 students enrolled). Student input is in red, my comments are in blue. Every top-level bullet point represents one student's comment (according to the handwriting). End of verbatim transcript.

General comments

Yes, the subject is a lot of work, but it is ment to be a challenge. This is the sort of stuff you'd be doing at MIT.
However, I accept that this year's project was a bit on the big side, and will take steps to reduce it next time around.
Comment added July 1999: The credit point value of the subject has now doubled so there is no longer any reason to make the project easier. However, I'll spread it out more by starting earlier.
Make project better suitable for dividing work between partners
I intentionally did not prescribe much about the internals of the system, to force you to find out by yourself how to best structure the system. However, I'll try to give more guidance on which internal interfaces could be defined to allow more independent work of group partners.
Milestones wrong?
I think the milestones were in the right order, but the spacing was indeed not correct, sorry for that.
Hmm, I'm not sure. I supplied a shell, which is exactly what we're been using to test your code. The shell does contain all you need. (It would also be fair to say that testing is not the job of the customer but the supplier of the system, even though some manufacturers seem to think otherwise.)

Final word

It was great fun teaching this, all students were highly motivated and eager to learn. Many thanks for participating, and also thanks for your feedback.