Here is the applet that demonstrate how CN2 learn from a set of examples to induce rules.
You can:
  • Click Start to see the whole learning process.
  • Click Pause to stop animation, seeing the intermediate step, then resume.
  • Click View Examples/Rule/Code to choose what panel to view, that include: a table of all examples, a set of all learnt rules and a panel highlighting pseudo code as programme is executing.
  • Choose ordered or unordered rule for different final set of rules
  • Choose Entropy or Laplace for different evaluation functions.
Please be noticed that the yellow complex is to be a positive hypothesis while the cyan is negative one. The number after the complex is its accuracy (in percentage).

Here is the applet.
If you don't have JavaSwing ready in your brower, try here.

Developed by Canh Hao Nguyen and Hong Chung Nguyen.