COMP9444 Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Quiz 4 (Image Processing)

This is an optional quiz to test your understanding of the Image Processing topic from Week 4.
  1. List five different Image Processing tasks.

  2. Explain the problem of vanishing and exploding gradients, and how Weight Initialization can help to prevent it.

  3. Describe the Batch Normalization algorithm.

  4. Explain the concept of Data Augmentation, and how it was used in AlexNet.

  5. Explain the difference between a Residual Network and a Dense Network.

  6. What is the formula for the (i, j)th entry Glij in the Gram matrix at level l of a convolutional neural network? (remember to define any terms that you use)

  7. Explain the difference between Texture Synthesis and Style Transfer (both in their purpose, and their cost function).