ENGG1811 Lab 13: Peer Assessment and Exam Programming Practice


During the first hour you will be assessing three assignment 2 submissions. Then for the second hour you will be working on two programming exercises, similar to exam questions. Each lab time has a slightly different set of questions.

There is no online assessment this week.

Assignment 2 Assessment

Details here.

Exam Practice: What to do

No preparation is required, but bring some writing paper and a pen. Turn up to the lab, log on as normal and download the question workbook. The workbook is accessible until half an hour before the end of the lab period, and it is protected by a password that the tutors have been told. At other times you will get a file not found message.

The workbook has two sheets, B2 and C2.

Although in the exam you only write your solution on paper, to make the most of the questions you should also implement your solution and test it using the data sheet provided. The tutor will conduct the lab this way:

  1. Everyone keeps quiet as if it were a real exam. Have pen and paper ready.
  2. Download the file to the desktop.
  3. When the tutor tells you the password, open the workbook and start reading B2. For the first 5 to 10 minutes or so you should not do any implementation. Sketch your answer as pseudocode on the paper you have supplied.
  4. The tutor is only able to clarify requirements, he/she is not allowed to help you during the first period. 
  5. You should take only a few minutes to implement the answer, but testing and corrections using data and instructions on the worksheet may take a while longer. Take note of the kinds of refinements you made to get to the final working copy, and consider which of these could you have anticipated in generating your original paper version.
  6. Repeat for C2. Allow 10 minutes for thinking and the sketched answer and 15 for implementation and testing. The total exam time is 50 minutes (under written exam conditions you would have about 35 minutes, but without testing and revision). There will be a short delay while the tutor checks your work if they haven't done so already.

Evaluating your progress


The tutor will quickly assess how close your solutions are to working, and award 1 mark for each reasonable attempt.