Instruction for installing Matlab on your own computer

As a student of UNSW, you are licensed to install Matlab on your own personal computer for non-commercial purposes.

You can install Matlab by downloading it from the Mathworks web site. We recommend that you do this at home. The download is fairly big, about 2 GBytes (for student version). The download time depends on the type and quality of Internet connection you have at home. The easiest thing is to get the download going before you go to sleep.

We have different versions of installation instructions below. You can select the one that best suits your need. We recommend you to download Matlab 2013b because this is the version in the lab. However, you can download a later version if you wish.

    1. Step 1 (Creating a Mathwork account) and Step 2 (Obtaining license details) [click here]
    2. Step 3 (Downloading the software) and Step 4 (Installing the software)