Welcome to the CSE Help Desk

The CSE Help Desk is your first point of contact for any problems you have with your account or in the labs.

If you have a more complex or involved issue that we can't solve straight away, we'll escalate it with System Support.

What We Do

  • Help with accounts, passwords and quotas
  • Help with email, printing and internet access
  • Help with using the lab computers
  • Help with UNIX commands
  • Fix minor problems with CSE servers and systems
  • Look after the computers and other equipment in the labs
  • Keep you informed about any problems with CSE systems
  • Enforce the conditions of the UNSW IT Computing Policy

What We Can't Do

  • Change or provide advice on enrolments, timetables, etc (see the CSE Student Services for this)
  • Help with assignments, tutorials, etc. (see your tutor or lecturer)
  • Support computers or systems not owned or controlled by CSE

Before you arrive

So that we can help you most effectively, please:

  • Bring your student card with you
  • Note the name of the computer you were using, if applicable (eg. drum03)
  • Note the exact text of any error messages you received, if applicable

Contact us

  • In 2015 S1, Helpdesk is operating out of the CSG office
  • Location: Computer Science and Engineering (K17) Room 111
  • Telephone: +61 (2) 938 55438
  • Email: helpdesk@cse.unsw.edu.au