CSE Home Computing CD
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Home Computing Support

The Home Computing Software CD is for students in courses run by the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales [CSE@UNSW].

Students can get a copy of the Homecomputing CD in one of two ways:

  1. CDs containing the current year's software can be borrowed from the Helpdesk. The current CD set is mainly for first year students or new students.
  2. A copy of the latest CD image is available for download from the CSE Mirror. You can copy the CD image on a blank recordable CDR on some of the CSE lab machines by running priv cdrom burn.

You can view the CD with your browser by opening the file start.html on the CD.

Microsoft Windows users ought to experience an automatic launch of the brower opened at the start.html file when the CD is inserted into the computer.