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This site hasn't been updated since the late 1990's. Now that micro-breweries are on the rise in Australia once again, I should get back to documenting them. ... jas, July 2007

Yes ... that would be a good idea ... jas, July 2008

Australia, by and large, is a land of light lagers that are only marginally more tasty than the American Budmilloors style. This makes a lot of sense given our generally hot and dry climate, but it makes the pickings a little sparse for the beer connoisseur, However, there are still some exceptional beers made here that make it all worthwhile.

This collection contains information about Australian beers, brewers, hotels, along with assorted miscellaneous trinkets of information about drinking in Australia (... even a few beer coasters).

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Along with going out and drinking it, the following have provided useful sources of information about Australian beers and brewers: Other reference sources include the "AusBeer" magazine, the "Australian Home Brewer" magazine, the club newsletter of Eastern Suburbs Brewers, Liz Jarvis of Carlton and United ...

And of course, there's the Web, including:

Things to add: more beers/hotels/brewers; images of labels/coasters; hotel/brewery photos; ...
Disclaimer: all beer ratings and tasting notes are personal opinions, unless attributed otherwise.

And speaking of personal opinions ... what are my favourite beers?

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