Secure Microkernels, State Monads and Scalable Refinement

David Cock, Gerwin Klein and Thomas Sewell


We present a scalable, practical Hoare Logic and refinement calculus for the nondeterministic state monad with exceptions and failure in Isabelle/HOL. The emphasis of this formalisation is on large-scale verification of imperative-style functional programs, rather than expressing monad calculi in full generality. We achieve scalability in two dimensions. The method scales to multiple team members working productively and largely independently on a single proof and also to large programs with large and complex properties. We report on our experience in applying the techniques in an extensive (100,000 lines of proof) case study - the formal verification of an executable model of the seL4 operating system microkernel.

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Gerwin Klein
2008-05-22 15:07:14