Research Fellow

  • Lijun Chang (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Current Graduate Students

  • Liming Zhan (PhD from S1/2010). Topic: Spatial Temporal

  • Weiren Yu (PhD from s2/2010). Topic: Graph Databases.

  • Muhammad Salahutdin (PhD from S1/2011). Topic: Spatial Temporal.

  • Yang Wang (PhD from S2/2011). Topic: TBA

  • Chengyuan Zhang (PhD from S2/2011). topic: TBA

  • Longbin Lai (PhD from s2/2013). Topic: TBA

  • Xing Feng (PhD from s2/2013). Topic: TBA

  • Xiang Wang (PhD from s2/2013). Topic: TBA

  • Long Yuan (PhD from s2/2013). Topic: TBA

  • Shenglu Wang (PhD from s2/2013). Topic: TBA

  • Jianye Yang (PhD from s2/2013). Topic: TBA

Graduated PhD Students

  • Xiang Zhao. Efficient Processing of Structural Queries in Graph Databases. (Completion: Jan, 2014) Assistant Prof @National Defence Colledge (China). Co-Supervisor: Chuan Xiao).

  • Zhitao Shen . Topic: Efficient Processing of Top-k Queries on Spatial and Temporal Data. (Completion: Dec 2012) Research Engineer @ Cisco CRDC (Associated Supervisor: Dr. Ying Zhang).

  • Gaoping Zhu . Topic: Efficient Algorithms for Graph All-Matching and Containment Search. (Completion: April, 2012) Software Engineer @ Microsoft STB, Redmond WA (Co-Supervisor: Dr Jian Zhang)

  • Muhammad Aamir Cheema. Topic: Efficient Processing of Proximity Based Spatial Queries. (Completion: Aug/2011) Research Fellow at UNSW (ARC DECRA Fellowship Holdera) and now Lecture @Monahs Clayton. (Joint Supervisor: Wei Wang)

  • Chuan Xiao. Topic: String Matching. (Completion: Dec, 2010) Postdoc in Nagoya University and Now Assistant Prof at Nagoya University. (Associate Supervisor: Wei Wang)

  • Haichuan Shang. Topic: Graph Matchings. (Completion: Dec, 2010) Postdoc in Tokyo University . (Associate Supervisor: Sebastian Maneth)

  • Manady Hansan. Topic: Spatial Temporal Queries. (Completion: Aug 2010) Assistant Professor in Bangladesh.

  • Wenjie Zhang. Topic: Managing Uncertain Data (PhD Completed in 2010). Lecturer at UNSW (ARC DECRA Holder). Associate Supervisor: Prof. Xiaofang Zhou, Prof. Raymond, Prof. Jian Zhang.

  • Yi Luo. Topic: Keyword Search (PhD Completed in 2009). Microsoft Bin Search . (Joint Supervisor: Wei Wang)

  • Ying Zhang. Topic: Order Statistics Computation in Data Streams (PhD Completed in 2008). Research Fellow @ UNSW (ARC APD Holder) and now Senior Lecturer @UTS (ARC DECRA Holder). (Associate Supervisor: Prof. Jeffrey Yu )

  • Yidong Yuan Topic: Skyline Query Computation (PhD Completed in 2007). Senior Software Engineer@Lexxe LTD. Associate Supervisor: Prof. Xiaofang Zhou. )

  • Qing Liu. Topic: Summarizing Large Spatial Datasets (PhD Completed in 2006). Research Scientist and Project Leaderin CSIRO (2007 -).

  • Qing Zhang. Topic: Approximate Query Processing (PhD Completed in 2004). Research Scientist and Project Leader in CSIRO.

  • Steve Lu. Topic: Advanced Query Processing in Spatial Database Systems (PhD Completed in 2004). Senior Researcher in Data Storage Institute (Singapore).

Graduated Master by Research Students

  • Shuxiang Yang (Completed in 2009). Topic: Probabilistic Range Queries. Software Engineerer in Shanghai (Associate Supervisor: Dr. Qing Liu)

  • Bin Jiang (Completed in 2007). Topic: Probabilistic Skyline. @Facebook

  • Aamir Cheema (Completed in 2007). (PhD @ UNSW).

  • Yi Luo (Completed in 2004).Topic: Computing Skylines. PhD @ UNSW afterwards

  • Jian Xu (Completed in 2004). Topic: Computing Quantiles over Datastreams. @Google

  • Yijun Li (Completed in 2000). Topic: Efficient Algorithms for Mining Association Rukes. TvPix Project Leader in Nielsen Media Research Australia.

  • Xiaomei Zhou (Completed in 2000). Topic: Similarity Search in Large Spatial Datasets. Software Engineer in ALCOTEL.