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Emailing Richard

This page used to say:

You are welcome to email me. I enjoy getting email.
... but i no longer enjoy getting email as I get too much and I feel very guilty about not being able to read it all. So rather than emailing me please just come by at then end of a lecture and chat to me then.

If you feel you must email me then, to increase the chance of it being read, please read the following notes first:

STEP 1: Use the correct subject line

The subject line should describe what the mail is about. Please spend 20 seconds or so and select a thoughful subject line for your email message to me. This is a wonderful habit to get into generally for all your email.

For example:

comp1A Ass #3 - when will the spec be released?


STEP 2: Use the correct address

If you are ... then mail me at the address ...
mailing me about the monday afternoon high school computing group It is not running this year
mailing me about scientia scientiaFredNurkcse.unsw.edu.au
mailing me about my teaching research, or
if you are a subject in the longitudinal case study
richardbFredNurkcse.unsw.edu.au and include the phrase CUTSD in the title
mailing about the highschool programming competition progcompFredNurkcse.unsw.edu.au
mailing about a web page I maintain richardb.wwwFredNurkcse.unsw.edu.au
one of my thesis students richardb.thesisFredNurkcse.unsw.edu.au
applying for tutoring unless you really need to email me about it just apply via andrew taylor's online casualt tutoring application form
a friend or family member richardb.personalFredNurkcse.unsw.edu.au
a UNSW student in a subject i teach Use the forum to contact me, not email. For urgent matters email meicheng and she will deal with it or contact me as required.
E. none of the above richardbFredNurkcse.unsw.edu.au
start the subject line with "*" eg
*Make money fast!!
replace fred nurk with @ in these addresses

STEP 3: If it doesn't work

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