Jan Feyereisl

Dr. Jan Feyereisl is the Executive Director of the AI Roadmap Institute and a Senior Research Scientist at GoodAI. He oversees the institute’s mission to accelerate the search for safe human-level artificial intelligence by encouraging, studying, mapping and comparing roadmaps towards this goal. As a scientist at GoodAI, together with his colleagues, he is developing general artificial intelligence as fast as possible to help humanity and understand the universe.

He has a background in machine learning and artificial intelligence and experience that spans across academia, industry and continents. Before joining GoodAI, he co-founded a quantitative investment management firm, worked at Samsung Global R&D and as a Research Fellow at universities in the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Kevin Korb

Dr. Kevin Korb is a Reader in Computer Science at Monash University. He teaches courses in machine learning and artificial intelligence and has research interests in automating inductive inference, causal and probabilistic reasoning, the philosophy of science and cognitive science.