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COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems

2000 Session 2 Final Exam

General Rules

Notes on digitally signed submissions

Digitally signing your submission only makes sense if I can verify your signature. I therefore require you to have your signature signed by me and Alan beforehand. Therefore, if you want to use the digital signature option, do the following:
  1. Familiarise yourself with PGP (or GPG). We will not provide tutorials on this, it's up to you. Get yourself a public key if you don't have one. Follow the recommended safeguards to keep it secure. It will be like your normal signature!
  2. See Alan to have him sign your key. This requires that you supply appropriate proof of identity (student card, if the picture isn't clear enough we may require further identity proof).
  3. See me, with your key signed by Alan, and proof of identity. I will then sign your key.
  4. This doubly-signed key can then be used to sign your exam. (Feel free to get others to sign your key as well.)
  5. Make sure that PGP or GPG is installed on the system you are going to use to write your exam, and that you can use it reliably. If you stuff up it's your own problem.


You are given two research papers (the links will be active from 17:00 on the 20th):