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Course Noticeboard
(Messages are posted in reverse chronological order)
6UoC from 2003   (Posted by Gernot, Tue 24 Dec)
The next offering of Advanced Operating Systems, S2 2003, will have a weight of 6UoC rather than the 12UoC it had in the past. This should help to overcome problems fitting it into the packed CE/SE time table. The project component will be overhauled as appropriate.
Sample Exam, Mark Breakdown and Survey   (Posted by Gernot, Tue 17 Dec)
I have put up a sample solution for the exam.
you should now be able to examine the breakdown of your marks. Comments on your projects will be mailed to you shortly.
Also, the (uncensored) results of the on-line survey are now up.
Survey Released   (Posted by gernot, Wed 13 Nov)
The course survey is now open. I'd appreciate if all students enrolled in the course used it to provide feedback.
Exam Specs   (Posted by gernot, Tue 12 Nov)
The specifications for the exam are available.
New Provisional Exam Time   (Posted by gernot, Sat 19 Oct)
As discussed in class, the new proposed time for the exam is Wed-Thu of Stuvac, 5pm on 13/11 to 5pm on 14/11 to be precise. Please notify me immediately if this creates a problem for you.
Provisional Exam Time   (Posted by gernot, Fri 11 Oct)
As discussed in class, the provisional time for the exam is Mon-Tue of Stuvac, 5pm on 11/11 to 5pm on 12/11 to be precise. Please notify me immediately if this creates a problem for you.

I will shortly put up the modalities, but they will be similar to the 2000 exam.

MIPS R4x00 Instruction Summary   (Posted by Gernot, Tue 10 Sep)
I've added a short summary of the MIPS instruction set and assembler conventions to the docs. This is courtesy of Donald Miller from Arizona State University, who used to run his OS Internals course based on my Inside L4/MIPS.
Network driver errata page   (Posted by htuch, Wed 4 Sep)
A network driver errata page is now available, including instructions for downloading the source for the network driver.
Update Assignment Admin page   (Posted by sjw, Mon 19 Aug)
The project admin page has been updated to include milestone submission instructions.
Update Sulima   (Posted by htuch, Thu 15 Aug)
Updated Sulima tarballs and instructions are available, including a tarball that may be downloaded and used at home.
Milestone Demonstrations   (Posted by Gernot, Mon 12 Aug)
... will be held each Fri, 13:45 - 14:45 in the ASysT Lab. Demonstrator will normally be Simon.
Group registration now available   (Posted by sjw, Thur 1 Aug)
Note that you can now register your project groups via SIRIUS. Please ignore the time and location, the only important aspect is your group number.

Groups should consist of 2 people.

Welcome to Advanced Operating Systems!   (Posted by gernot, Wed 31 Jul)
The first lecture will be Thu, 1 August at 15:00 in OMB 145A.