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Course Noticeboard
(Messages are posted in reverse chronological order)
Survey results released   (Posted by gernot, Thu 1 Dec)
The results of this year's course survey are available now. Many thanks to all who participated.
Exam released!!!   (Posted by kevine, Sun 14 Nov)
The take-home exam for COMP9242 has been released. Due to a technical hitch, the release time was 17:10. The final deadline will be adjusted accordingly.
Survey released   (Posted by gernot, Fri 12 Nov)
The course survey for COMP9242 has been released. It is open until the end of November and accessible from the survey system site. You can earn one bonus mark for completing it.
Exam instructions available   (Posted by Gernot, Mon 1 November)
The instructions for the exam are now available. The actual papers to review will, of course, only be posted at 17:00 on Sunday, 14 November 2004.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Exam time set!   (Posted by Gernot, Fri 29 October)
As agreed in class during the Week-12 lecture, the exam in this course will run from 17:00 on Sunday, 14 November 2004 to 17:00 on Monday, 15 November 2004. Details will be posted shortly.
Network patch   (Posted by cgray, Tue 8 Sep)
The PCI scanning code was missing from the hardware.c file. A patch has been provided to fix hardware.c as well as some other minor NFS bugs and add them to the build system. These patches are available here (040907_network, 040907_netmake). Be sure to set your IP address correctly!
Another patch   (Posted by cgray, Mon 16 Aug)
A bug has been found in the l4e_find_memory function that can cause some obscure bugs. The patch and instructions are available here (040816_findmem).
Patches for supplied code   (Posted by cgray, Wed 11 Aug)
There are a few bugs in the supplied code. Three new patches are available here. The first patch (040730_l4e_cache) should have already been applied when you setup m0.
Serial cables have been installed   (Posted by cgray, Mon 9 Aug)
Second serial cables have been installed on all the MIPS boxes in the ASysT lab. You should now be able to execute your m0 and subsequent code on hardware. The 2nd serial port can be accessed with the console ttyS1 command.
New project resources   (Posted by cgray, Fri 6 Aug)
There are new and updated web pages for an AOS Design Guide and th L4 Debugging Guide. Reading and understanding this information should help a lot with designing and debugging your SOS project.
Milestone 0 (m0) now doable!   (Posted by cgray, Thu 29 Jul)
Milestone 0 was released without the hardware initialisation working, so you could not use the serial port. There are now instructions explaining how to fix the simple bug.
Milestone 0 (m0) released   (Posted by cgray, Thu 29 Jul)
Milestone 0 is available. The demonstration for this milestone is in Week 2.
Welcome to Advanced Operating Systems!   (Posted by cgray, Mon 26 Jul)
Welcome to Advanced Operating Systems for 4s2. Lectures will begin in week 1, in room CE101 (Civil Engineering Building) at time 3-6pm.