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Congratulations Matt!   (Posted by gernot, Mon, 9 Apr)
Matt Fernandez has topped the class and won the AOS Alumni Prize, worth $2,000.00. Congratulations!
Survey results and stats released   (Posted by gernot, Tue, 13 Dec)
We've released the results of the uncensored student surveys. Many thanks to the (close to 100%) of students who completed the survey. They indicated once more a high satisfaction level with the course. As usual, I've also provided comments on issues raised by students.
Furthermore, I've updated the statistics about the course.
Exam details finalised   (Posted by gernot, Sat 8 Oct)
The exam time has been set to run from noon on 30/10 to noon on 31/10.
NFS Bugfix   (Posted by adanis, Tue 13 Sep)
The bug causing semi-random 4 byte corruption when doing NFS reads should now be fixed (unless more than one bug was causing this). Pull from the repo to get a patch.
Edit: Should now build, pull again to get the changes.
Bugfixes   (Posted by adanis, Thu 1 Sep)
Bugs introduced by previous update have been fixed. Pull from the repo to get a patch.
Kernel update & patches   (Posted by alyons, Mon 29 Aug)
We have fixed a bug in the (non-verified) part of the kernel. This would be triggered if you deleted a tcb that was waiting on an asynchronous endpoint. Other small typo fixes and changes are also included. Pull to get the patch.
Memory leak fixed   (Posted by alyons, Fri 19 Aug)
More fixes have been made to om_server. We found a memory leak and a serious bug in the allocator that could cause om_free_frame to fail or leak memory. We have also updated dprintf so that it will warn you if you forget to put in arguments. Pull from the repo to get a patch.
Another Code update   (Posted by alyons, Thu 11 Aug)
There was a problem with how the build system links libraries, which led to two copies of sys_morecore.o being linked into sos. This could result in your user-level morecore being called by sos. We have released a patch. We recommend you commit all changes in your repo before pulling in case of any merge conflicts and possible accidental destroying of your local changes. By commiting, you can restore your code base using hg up -r<revision>.
Code update   (Posted by adanis, Thu 11 Aug)
Added additional checks in the om_server and libsel4csm to allow for graceful failure in some out of memory scenarios instead of hard crashing. As always, pull from the repo to get the patch.
M3 spec update   (Posted by alyons, Tue 9 Aug)
A path in the M3 spec has been updated. Shift+Reload to make sure you get the latest version of the page.
Malloc update   (Posted by adanis, Tue 9 Aug)
Fixed a bug causing malloc to not always return double word aligned allocations. As always, pull from the repo to get the patch.
Code update   (Posted by adanis, Fri 5 Aug)
Fixed a bug causing cptrs to not be freed by the om_server when unmapping a frame. This caused an unrecoverable out of memory error after mapping and unmapping a frame several thousand times. As always, pull from the repo to get the patch.
Week-2 slides updated   (Posted by gernot, Wed 3 Aug)
Apologies for the scrambled slides last Friday. I've now uploaded a sane version.
Another code update   (Posted by adanis, 1 August, 2011)
A bug sometimes preventing unmapping of a frame that has been mapped multiple times has been fixed. As always, pull from the repo to get the patch.
Code update   (Posted by alyons, 1 August, 2011)
We've fixed a bug in the elf loading code that could cause a fault depending on the sos image size. Pull to get the patch. Make sure you commit first to avoid any nasty merge problems. Let us know if you need a patch instead.
Website caching   (Posted by justinkl, 25 July, 2011)
If a page doesn't look like it's changed, do shift-reload in your browser. It looks like the CSE webserver sets a really long caching interval.
HOWTO updates   (Posted by justinkl, 25 July, 2011)
Linux howto is nearly up-to-date, except for the time server.
New source update   (Posted by alyons, 25 July, 2011)
We have updated the makefile to avoid the .config errors. Pull from the original repo to get the change.
Consultation 25/7   (Posted by alyons, 25 July, 2011)
Todays consultation will be at 4pm in Oud. You can get help and demonstrate m0.
Web site live!   (Posted by alyons, 28 Jun, 2011)
The 2011 COMP9242 web site is now live. Please notify us if you find some information still left over from last year.