Head of Group

Serge Gaspers
Parameterized and exact computation

Haris Aziz
Algorithmic game theory; computational social choice

Catherine Greenhill
Graph theory; randomized algorithms

David Harvey
Computational number theory; symbolic computation

Aleksandar Ignjatovic
Signal processing; mathematical logic; algorithms for embedded systems

Wei Liu
Transport algorithms; game theory

Nicholas Mattei
Algorithmic decision theory; computational social choice

Igor Shparlinski
Algorithmic number theory; cryptography

Toby Walsh
Optimisation; computational social choice; algorithmic game theory


Joshua Lau
Graph algorithms

Barton Lee
Microeconomic theory; voting; political economics; social choice; game theory

Edward Lee
Parameterized and exact computation

Ray Li
Graph algorithms; enumeration algorithms

Kamran Najeebullah
Algorithmic decision theory; network algorithms

Kevin Tran
Imperfect information games

Zhaohong Sun
Matching markets; resource allocation

Former Members