Research interests:
My research focuses on artificial intelligence, especially in areas of optimisation like constraint programming and scheduling. I am particularly interested on the interface between (distributed) optimisation, social choice, game theory and machine learning. What does that mean in practice? For example, how do we divide some contested resources between multiple agents? Or how do we dispatch taxis to incoming jobs, and learn better performance over time?

Research groups:
I am Professor of AI at the School of CSE in UNSW. I am also Research Group Leader in the Optimisation Research Group at Data61 (formerly NICTA). I am an external professor at Uppsala University. I currently lead the Algorithmic Decision Theory research group. I am also a member of the COMIC multi-site research group which brings together members of the COconut and the miMIC groups. I have previously been Program Leader, and Scientific Director at NICTA, Australia. You can read more in a short scientific biography or in a description of his background suitable for a more general audience.

Awards and Grants:
2015-2016, AOARD, $500k, "Meta-Optimisation".
2011-2014, AOARD, $500k, "Lifelong Optimisation".
2009-2011, AOARD, $200k, "Optimisation and Learning".
2002-2007, SFI principal investigator, "Sensitivity Analysis, Solution Stability and Uncertainty in Constraint Programming", Eur 1.5million (project pages)
2002-2003, EPSRC visiting fellowship (investigator), Applying HR to Zariski Spaces, £59k
2001-2004, EU Network of Excellence, CologNet (area coordinator), Automated Reasoning, £40k
2001-2003, EPSRC grant, Stochastic Constraint Programming, £105k
2000-2003, EPSRC grant, Automatic Generation of Implied Constraints, £245k
1999-2004, EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship, £250k
1999-2002, EPSRC grant, Automatic Conjecture Making in Mathematics, £170k
1996-1999, EPSRC grant, Constrainedness of Computational Problems, £158k
1994-1996, HCM Marie-Curie PostDoc Fellowship, Trento, £70k
1993-1994, HCM Marie-Curie PostDoc Fellowship, Nancy, £35k
1992, Royal Society European Exchange Fellowship, £3k
1991, British Council/CNR award, £3k
1990-1992, SERC PostDoctoral Fellowship, £70k
1983-1986, Open Scholarship, Cambridge, £300

I also believe strongly in the value of communicating research to a wider audience. I've had over 300,000 readers of my articles in the Conversation. I have written for American Scientist the Spanish edition of Scientific American, and New Matilda. And I have also appeared on a number of radio and TV programs including NPR Here and Now, SBS Insight, Channel 9 Mornings (and here), Sunrise, ABC News 24, CCTV, Russia Today, ABC Brisbane, ABC Drive, ABC Canberra, and RTR's The Mag talking about the future promises and risks of AI. Finally, I have been interviewed by many newspapers and bureaus including CIO magazine, the Australian and Sydney Morning Heald, Agence France-Presse, Spain's El Pais, the Guardian, and the Washington Post.