Agenda for Teaching Committee Meeting - 20 October 2000

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting:

  2. COMP9022 in second sessions. We are currently feeling the displeasure of PG students who have been forced to enrol in COMP2021 in second session because COMP9022 is currently only run in first session. Should we reconsider on this? Should all/popular/core PG courses have repeat lectures so that they are available day and evening? Particularly UG/PG pairs like COMP3231/9201, COMP3131/9102, COMP3111/9008, COMP3121/9101 (using second session examples)? John Shepherd will introduce the discussion.

  3. Requirements for class managers and associate lecturers for 2001. It has been suggested that enough class managers should be recruited to cover courses with an enrolment (in a particular session) over a threshold (possibly 300). Class Manager Job Spec

  4. Should COMP1021, which will be offered in summer session, also be badged as COMP9021?

  5. Teaching allocation for 01s1. An extra preliminary draft allocation is shown at: 2001 session 1 allocation

    The courses to be offered in 2001 (approved at previous TC meeting) are at Offerings for 2001.

  6. ELEC have, in JAS's words "bitten the bullet on 4th year Thesis vs Project and introduced a new Project subject for students with low averages (specifically, less than 65%)." This is somewhat consistent with the practice in the Advanced Science program and of course in Computer Science of only letting students with 65+ averages do honours. Do we want to review our policy on this?

  7. Quality assurance measures for teaching. Should we be having an extra person (perhaps a program coordinator or director of first year studies) acting in a specific quality assurance role for each course we offer?

  8. Formal introduction of a new Special Project for talented students in Computer Science.

  9. The School has received information from the Australian Computer Society on accreditation of university programs by the Society. Should we consider having our programs accredited by this organization, as well as by IEAust? Carroll Graham's comment

  10. Proposal for Master of Engineering Science in Mobile Systems.

  11. New course proposal: "Greenspun" course. [JAS]

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