CSE Teaching Committee

Status of UNSW/Faculty Approvals for CSE TC Proposals

For any recent proposals, see the AIMS system.

Rev Course COMP4181 27Oct0603Nov0624Nov06n/an/a Language-based Software Safety
Rev Program MCIT program 22Sep0613Oct06Pending-- MCIT Program (accreditation)
Rev Program Internetworking 22Sep0613Oct0624Nov06-- Internetworking plans in Masters
Rev Course BINF2001 22Sep0606Oct0624Nov06n/an/a Bioinformatics 2
Rev Course COMP4141 22Sep0606Oct0624Nov06n/an/a Theory of Computation
Rev Course COMP4431 22Sep0606Oct0624Nov06n/an/a Game Design Workshop
Rev Program SE programs 28Jul0604Aug0625Aug06Pending- All SE programs (including combined)
New Course COMP3171 28Jul0604Aug0625Aug06n/an/a Object-Oriented Programming
New Course COMP9171 28Jul0611Aug0625Aug06n/an/a Object-Oriented Programming
New Course COMP3152 28Jul0604Aug0625Aug06n/an/a Comparative Concurrency Semantics
New Course COMP9152 28Jul0611Aug0625Aug06n/an/a Comparative Concurrency Semantics
New Course COMP3153 28Jul0604Aug0625Aug06n/an/a Algorithmic Verification
New Course COMP9153 28Jul0611Aug0625Aug06n/an/a Algorithmic Verification
Rev Course BINF1001 28Jul0604Aug0625Aug06n/an/a Bioinformatics 1

Old Approvals (i.e. before 2006 session 2)

TC:School of CSE Teaching Committee
FEC:Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate or Postgraduate Education Committee
FSC:Faculty of Engineering Standing Committee
AB:Academic Board:
This will involve the Academic Board Undergraduate and/or Postgraduate Education Committees,
as appropriate, followed by full Academic Board approval.
UC:University Council
OK:i.e. Has the final approval for this proposal occurred?

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