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Agendas and Minutes of TC Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
5 Jun 2015 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, Core Syllabus, 4th-Year Theses, summer short courses, ...
27 Mar 2015 Agenda Minutes
Minutes/Actions, 4th-Year Theses, Core Syllabus, ...
27 Feb 2015 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, TC Agenda 2015, Faculty Thesis Guidelines, ...
31 Oct 2014 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, Course Offerings, Assessment Review, ...
19 Sep 2014 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, Updated Advanced Masters proposal
22 Aug 2014 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, Advanced Masters proposal
25 Jul 2014 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, Assessment Follow-up, Course Offerings, ...
27 Jun 2014 - - Insufficient attendees (by members) rendered the meeting inquorate
16 May 2014 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, New/Revised Streams/Courses, ...
14 Feb 2014 Agenda Minutes Minutes/Actions, Working groups, Elite students, Advanced Masters, ...
29 Apr 2011 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, GENE8000, SE Program Revision, Minor in Computing, ... ...
22 Oct 2010 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, accreditation, BE/ME, L&T plan, COMP4920, ...
20 Aug 2010 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, accreditation, MEngSci, BE/BA, Year 4 thesis, ...
09 Jul 2010 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, accreditation, GENE8000, COMP4920, ...
04 Jun 2010 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, course for SISTM, CS Co-op, ...
30 Apr 2010 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, Accreditation, Theses, ...
26 Feb 2010 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, new WebData/XML course, ...
11 Dec 2009 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, working party reports, discussion, ...
30 Oct 2009 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, teaching of proj mgt, soft eng, prof issues and ethics, ...
25 Sept 2009 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, CS program revision and new pgm, first year course names, ...
28 Aug 2009 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, new course proposal, ...
31 July 2009 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, new course proposal, effects on elective lists, 2010 initiatives, co-teaching, CS Honours policy,...
03 July 2009 Agenda Minutes Minutes and actions from, Chair's Report, WG report on first/second year course content, course revision effects on elective lists ...
15 May 2009 Agenda Minutes Chair's Report, Program Revisions for 2010, Stability in first year curriculum ...
27 Mar 2009 Agenda Minutes Faculty T&L Strategy, S2 course changes, 2+2 with Chinese univs, first year course content, 2010 plans ...
16 Feb 2009 Agenda Minutes BINF9020 and Security course proposals, 2+2 with Chinese univs, actions for S1 start, Eng/Maths group, ...
23 July 2008 Agenda Minutes Forensics proposal, thesis/project assessment, class lengths, ...
16 May 2008 Agenda Minutes Course Offerings, Contract Cheating, ...
14 Mar 2008 Agenda Minutes Program coherence, 4th-year Theses, Graduate Attributes, ...
30 Nov 2007 Agenda Minutes COMP19xx syllabus, 4th-year Theses, Graduate Attributes
10 Oct 2007 Agenda Minutes Review of foundation streams (COMP19[12][17], COMP2911)
20 Sep 2007 Agenda Minutes GSOE9220, COMP4151, BINF revisions, Teaching load, Review of COMP19xx/2911
20 Jul 2007 Agenda Minutes 12-week Semesters, Supp Exam policies, CATEI, COMP4906, Games Programming
25 May 2007 Agenda Minutes Revision of Masters programs, GSOE9120, 12-week semesters, Review of 1911/1921/2911
27 Oct 2006 Agenda Minutes High Assurance Computing, future curriculum directions
22 Sept 2006 Agenda Minutes COMP4141, BINF2001, MCIT program, COMP1911, Accreditation
28 July 2006 Agenda Minutes BINF1001, SENG program, COMP[39]171, COMP[39]152, COMP[39]153, New UNSW academic calendar
2 June 2006 Agenda Minutes COMP4336, COMP4337, COMP3601, COMP4601, COMP4930, COMP4931, course forums, stureps website, COMP3111 in CS, course problems
31 March 2006 Agenda Minutes COMP9314, COMP9336, COMP3342, COMP9041, honours in CS, BINF for non-BI students
26 Aug 2005 Agenda Minutes Courses for 2006, Teaching Load Formula, Plagiarism policy
29 July 2005 Agenda Minutes School plagiarism policy, Common first year - revisions to 1st and 2nd year COMP courses, new course on Optimization, Constraint Programming, etc.
20 May 2005 Agenda Minutes CE revision, first and second year revision, COMP2021 ↔ COMP3221, COMP3711
18 March 2005 Agenda Minutes Thesis A prerequisites; 12 pt exams; COMP3431 name change; CSE prizes; COMP3171
17 September 2004 Agenda Minutes NICTA: Real Time, Multimedia, KRR, AdvSoftEng, AdvSoftVerif; GenEd: 1081, HCI, Robotics, Spreadsheet/DB, Networks, Games, CompTech I & II; Programs: CompSc+BDM; revisions: CE & SE; CS Plans & Minors; 9416 revision; 3111/9008 revision; Games Prog Workshop; Thy of Comp/Prolog; Patt Recog; Indust Soft Devel.
23 July 2004 Agenda Minutes COMP9321, COMP9322, COMP9323, courses2005, OO proposal, Uni medal criteria
21 May 2004 Agenda Minutes SE revision, CE revision, PG coursework revision, mid-session surveys, data mining, COMP9318, advanced versions of courses
26 Mar 2004 Agenda Minutes BSc+BA, BINF9010, CompSc+BDigMed, COMP3431 Agent Arch, COMP902[05], student emails, practicum, CES data
19 Sep 2003 Agenda Minutes RSI, industrial training, course offerings 04, prog languages in 1st & 2nd years, prob solving practicum, 1001/1091 revisions
30 May 2003 Agenda Minutes SE/BCom, consequences of the downturn, COMP4511
28 March 2003 Agenda Minutes COMP9031, SE MBiomedE, minors in 3978, tute qn distribution, teaching clusters, SE re-accreditation
10 February 2003 Teaching Quality Retreat Retreat Outcomes teaching clusters
24 January 2003 Agenda Minutes BINF prerequisites, Data Mining, Bioinf/BA & Bioinf/BSc, COMP9517 revision, Teaching Quality Retreat, prizes for top students, Adv. Topics in Concurrency
13 September 2002 Agenda Minutes 9242, ACS accred CS, revue->gened, prizes, CS hons, teaching quality control, IEAust accred SE, Industrial Training
16 August 2002 Agenda Minutes BE/MEngSc/ME|MSc, electronic teacher surveys, BSc Coop, COMP1091<->9021, Bioinf combined progs, CE review, Faculty MEngSc review, 9024->C
17 May 2002 Agenda Minutes COOP plan, industrial training, new course proposals
15 February 2002 Agenda Minutes BE(CE)/MEngSci, new course proposals, COMP2920 & joint degrees
9 November 2001 Agenda Minutes plagiarism policy
12 October 2001 Agenda Minutes CS revision, subjects 2002, alloc for 1st/2nd yr, tutor-of-the-year, Adv Func Prog
14 September 2001 Agenda Minutes CS changes, COMP9025, multichoice+marking, marking performance, 2011+20yy, 9021 back to C, changes to Bioinf, CE MCom on shelf
13 July 2001 Agenda Minutes private tutoring; lectures per week; summer session; training casual tutors; plagiarism; advanced graphics; supplementary exams
27 April 2001 Agenda Minutes 4920; CSHons; lecturing by students; protocol for changes to course content; ITTI; concurrency course; SMS; 01s2 courses; IEAust accreditation; 1711/1011; 2021 changes
23 February 2001 Agenda Minutes SENG/COMP4903; COMP2721; quota approvals
3 November 2000 Agenda Minutes class managers; project supervision requirements; quality assurance; COMP3901; COMP3902; MEngSc in Mobile Systems; 01s1 alloc draft
20 October 2000 Agenda Minutes new DB courses; 9022 in s2; 1021 in x1; 01s1 alloc draft; ACS accreditation; COMP4619
8 September 2000 Agenda Minutes talented students, potter report, WAM, BE/MCom, 2001 offerings, all-female tutes
18 August 2000 Agenda Minutes BE Bioinformatics, networks prereqs, talented student program, student friend, MIT from ISTM, IEAust 1-2 Nov
28 July 2000 Agenda Minutes CS year 2; Mac & DistSys labs; Plagiarism; subcommittee deadlines; summer session 2001
7 July 2000 Agenda Minutes COMP1711/1721/2711/streaming, teaching clusters, CS->FacOfEng, COMP3131, BEMCom in SE&CE
2 June 2000 Agenda Minutes Computer Security course
14 April 2000 Agenda Minutes 4111-DistObjSys, uniform avg for hons, INTI College articulation, hons calc BE/MBiomedE, Design Competition
25 October 1999 Agenda Minutes Z->B, 3111, 9008, 2110, Distributed Object Systems, Sommerville
24 September 1999 Agenda Minutes CEQ, 1091 in 00s1
10 September 1999 Agenda Minutes CEQ response, subjects for 00s1, 00s2, thesis extensions
20 August 1999 Agenda Minutes 9024, 9242, Java->C, INFS in CS1, SE/BSc, SE/BA, summer session
16 June 1999 Agenda Minutes 1091, 9519, Svensson award
04 June 1999 Agenda Minutes Potter committee, 1091, modal logic, 3120, Thesis C
21 May 1999 Agenda Minutes COMP9242, course revision, 9243, Readings, 9519
12 March 1999 Agenda Minutes CE and SE revision

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