My family in 1997My family! Left to right: Norman, Kerwyn, Lyndon, Yokelin in our backyard, 1997.
Gayatri Scherer, Lyndon and Kerwyn My sons with a childhood friend. Left to right: Gayatri Scherer, Lyndon Foo, Kerwyn Foo; in 1998.
Inu Scherer and Lyndon Inu Scherer and Lyndon Foo, winter 1982 in Canberra. Lyndon was then 2 years old.
Lyndon and Kerwyn in 1982 Lyndon and Kerwyn, 1982, in Carlingford where we then lived. Lyndon was 2 and Kerwyn 8. Kerwyn was then in Eastwood Elementary School, which Lyndon later attended.
Yokelin and Norman in Greece Yokelin and Norman in Greece 1995 at the museum in Delphi. Pavlos Peppas was their host. Click here for a close up.
Yokelin and Norman in Scotland Norman and Yokelin in Gretna Green, Scotland, 1998
With my buddy Jim Croll Jim Croll and Norman at Michael Faraday's Lab in London, 1998. Jim is Chadwick Professor of Structural Engineering at University College, and one of Norman's closest buddies, his room-mate in Rolleston House in Canterbury University and later flatmate in Ilam near the Engineering School during grad study. They still rat on each other's past when they meet, especially in the presence of their partners. Click here for a close up.
With my buddy Young Tay Young Tay and Norman at the old concert hall in Birmingham, 1998. It's a replica of the Parthenon! Young is a materials physicist, and one of Norman's closest buddies. Young was with Norman all the way from elementary school through high school, and they still argue pasionately about the reality of quantum fields when they meet. Norman is the realist, Young the metaphysician. Young is also a Liberal-Democract activist who helps select candidates for Parliament. Click here for a close up.
Montreal 1995 at IJCAI At IJCAI'95 Montreal 1995. Left to right: Mehmet Orgun (temporal logician at Macquarie Uni and KSG member), Pavlos Peppas (nonmonotonic logician at Macquarie Uni, KSG member), Norman, Yokelin. Mehmet is Turkish Australian, Pavlos is Greek Australian, and Norman and Yokelin are Malaysian Australian. Kinda makes one proud to be Australian, don't you think?
Yokelin and Savitri Yokelin with Savitri Shearer, an old friend, mother of Gayatri (above) and Inu (Gayatri's brother), and wife of Peter. Peter is with the ILO in Paris, and Savitri is a journalist. In Chinatown, Sydney 1998.
Norman owns this town! This is a town in South Australia that I visited when my research group went to AI'01 in Adelaide.
Sheila Sodhy-Reznikov and Norman Me and old high-school debating team-mate Sheila Reznikov (nee Sodhy) in Adelaide Dec 2001. This was the first time since we left the V.I. more than 35 years before that we had caught up with each other. Later, I will put up a photo of another V.I. gang meeting in London!
Yokelin and Norman in
Guangzhou, Nov 2002 Yokelin and Norman in Guangzhou, Nov 2002. Click here for a close up.
Dinner Lakemba Dinner in Lakemba in early 2005. Clockwise from left front: Pat Levesque, Maurice Pagnucco, Nadima Hassan, Me, Yokelin, Hector Levesque.
Norman, Kerwyn and Michael Myself, my elder son Kerwyn, and my pal Michael Thielscher (Prof of CS at Dresden Tech University.) X'mas 2001.
My pals at the UNSW coffee cart At the UNSW coffee cart 1997. My pals Maurice Pagnucco and Abhaya Nayak (KSG, Macquarie Uni) on left and second from right respectively, and our visitors Bernhard Nebel (Freiberg) second from left, and David Poole (UBC) on right.
With David and Miriam Makinson With our friends David and Miriam Makinson, in Pavlos' house 1997. Left to right: Pavlos, Abhaya, Maurice, Miriam, David, Norman
Randy Goebel and John Sowa My friends Randy Goebel (left) and John Sowa at Daintree River, excursion with Norman and Yokelin just before PRICAI'96 in Cairns, August 1996.
Yokelin, Selena and me Yokelin and me with our god-daughter Selena Choo, on Mother's Day 1999 in a cafe in Surrey Hills. Click here for a close up.
At AI'02 in Canberra At AI'02 in Canberra, dinner in the Bicycle Museum. Left from front: Manfred Kerber (visiting from Birmingham, Jane Brennan, Dongmo Zhang. Right from front: Alex Nittka (visiting from Leipzig), Me!, Wayne Wobcke.
Bernie Zeigler and me Me and Bernie Zeigler in Tucson, March 2000, after AIS'2000 banquet. Bernie was Norman's doctoral advisor. Click here for a close up.
Dinner at the Meyers, 2003 Dinner at the Meyers, June 2003. Clockwise from nearest: Kamalini, Abhaya, Pavlos, Roulla, Me!, Yokelin, Louise. Tommie took the picture, so we'll have to get him in elsewhere!
Jothys and Foos Poolo and Marina Jothy, Yokelin and Norman Foo, in Melbourne at the Jothy residence in Balwyn, Jan 2000. Click here for a close up and commentary.
Francis and Peklin Wong Francis and Peklin Wong. Click here for a close up and story.
Allan and Anne Bromley Wedding of Allan and Anne Bromley. Click here for a close up and story.
Ono, Foo and Dretske Prof Hiroakira Ono, me, and Prof Fred Dretske at the Logic of Real World Interaction Symposium, Jan 2002, Tokyo. Click here for a close up and story.
Bao Farewell Q. Bao Vo's farewell photo 2002. Left to right: Maurice Pagnucco, Kevin Irwig, Claude Sammut, BAO!!, Samir Chopra, Victor Jauregui, Hendra Suryanto. Pavlos Dinner 2003 Dinner party during Pavlos' visit, June 2003. Clockwise from nearest: Elena (head just visible) Prokopenko, Yokelin, Tommie Meyer, Maryanne Williams (these last two dudes a bit in the dark), Steven Shapiro, Pavlos!!, Roulla.
At Opera House On the steps of the Opera House, June 2003, after Beethoven concert. Left to right: Roulla, Kerwyn, Betty, Yokelin. Desert at Mados, Auburn June 2003 After lunch desert at Mados in Auburn, June 2003. Clockwise from left: Louise Meyer, little Thomas, Tommie Meyer, Yusuf Pisan, Meryl McQueen (Pisan), Norman, Yokelin.
Dinner at Vietnamese Restruarant Dinner at Vietnamese Restaurant, Marrickville, celebrating Bao's PhD, 2002. Left to right: Yokelin, Xiaorong Zhang, Dongmo Zhang, Bao!! Mingyi Zhang and Me in Guiyang The default logician Mingyi Zhang and me in a park in Guiyang near the University, Nov 2002.
Lunch at HKUST Lunch at HKUST, Nov 2002. Left to right: Fangzhen Lin, Norman, Maria Lai. I was visiting Fangzhen, and Maria rented me an apartment in the Wei Onn Gardens near Po Lam station.
With Michael and Rex in the Barossa Me, Michael Thielscher and Rex Kwok in the Barossa, AI'01 Adelaide visit. Michael thinks that Rex and me are "bananas" -- for some a derisory, but for him a jocular, slang describing de-racinated Asians whose minds function in the western intellecual tradition. I deny that, of course, as I do not understand cricket while Rex is a devotee :-).
Jurgen and Vera Dix Me, Jurgen Dix, Vera Dix and Yokelin in the South Coast, July 2003. Jurgen was delivering a series of lectures on MultiAgency to NICTA graduate students during his visit. We hope to bid for a Dagstuhl seminar together in the near future.
With Gerd Brewka and Family in 
the South Coast Yokelin and me with the Brewkas in the South Coast, August 2004. Gerd Brewka was delivering a series of lectures to NICTA on answer set programming. He, Tommie and I wrote a paper identifying pure strategy Nash equilbria with most preferred answer sets in LPODS (a species of logic programs Gerd invented) as a result of this visit.
Lyndon and Petahn 2004 Our younger son Lyndon with his fiancee Petahn McKenna, 2004. Petahn is a forensic scientist. Kerwyn and Amanda 2004 Our elder son Kerwyn with his fiancee Amamda Stephens, 2004. Amanda is a medical doctor.
Woodwards and Norman
Mary Woodward, Me and Jack Woodward in Feb 2005. Jack was my professor at the Univ of Canterbury, but more to the point he and Mary are my role models in matters of political and social morality. It is no accident that they are Quakers.
Temporarily blank.